BB1 type pumps - Axially split single- and two-stage between-bearings pumps.



- The pump was specifically designed for operation in pipeline systems. However there is also a design in full compliance with requirements of API 610 standard. LPN is intended for operation in pipeline systems, fire-fighting systems, and for pressurization. The pump is designed with due consideration of requirements for maximum reliability and ease of operation.


- Pump casing has a horizontal split plane and support on center line. Suction and discharge nozzles are located in lower half of the casing, which is a single-piece casting. It ensures access to rotating parts of the pumps without disconnecting the piping or consequent pump/motor alignment.  


-The first critical speed of oversized and reinforced shaft is much higher than maximum rotation speed. Rough and final machining is performed through the full length of the shaft in order to ensure secure mounting of parts on a shaft and achieve the lowest value of runout. Along the full length the shaft is protected by bushings and parts installed on it all the way to orifice sleeves in mechanical seal chamber.


- Double-entry impeller allows to achieve minimum required values of NPSH and reduce axial thrusts. The impeller, and later the rotor assembly, are dynamically balanced in order to ensure minimum vibration levels.


-Generally these pumps are fitted with antifriction ball bearings lubricated by oil catch rings. Double-row self-aligning radial bearing. Single-row angle contact twin thrust bearing . Bearings body covers are fitted with replaceable labyrinth seals and oil deflectors to prevent oil leaks or entry of foreign objects / particles inside bearing body. Radial sleeve bearing complete with radial ball bearing or bearing with floating segments can be installed if required. In this case integrated or external lubrication system is used to lubricate the bearings. If required the upper antifriction bearing can be placed in a special oil-lubricated body.

Parameters Values
Flowrate 0-15000m3/h
Head up to 250 m
Operating pressure up to 50 bar
Operating temperature -80..+204°С
Shaft seal Packing, single mechanical seal, double mechanical seal