OH-2 pumps - horizontal overhung single-stage axially split casing pumps.



- The finalized and improved pump design guarantees identical mechanisms and also high technical standards. As opposed to pump type OH-1 these pumps have supports on the central axis that meets the requirements of API 610 standards.


- The pump casing is cast along with the foot supports along the central axis which ensures rigidity of the structure and prevents distortion under temperature deformations. The design has a feature of rear disassembly. This enables complete assembly / disassembly of the rotor including cartridge mechanical seal without detachment from the main pipeline and drive.


-The shaft deflection in the mechanical seal chamber is minimal and meets the requirements of API 610 standard. The shaft design for heavy duty service is available as an option. This design features a very low length/diameter ratio which is available for the most pump nominal sizes with the central axis discharge nozzle design.


- Casting for the impeller is manufactured with precision accuracy which ensures the achievement of high efficiency. All impellers are dynamically balanced together with the installed groove seal rings in accordance with API 610.


- Bearings are made in full compliance with API 610 requirements. Bearing housings are equipped with covers (outside) for easy inspection and installation. On each side the bearing housing is equipped with a labyrinth style shaft seal (made of an intrinsically safe material) to effectively retain oil inside and to prevent contamination entering from outside.

Parameters Values
Flowrate 0-2000m3/h
Head up to 350 m
Operating pressure up to 80 bar
Operating temperature -160..+450°С
Shaft seal Single mechanical, tandem mechanical.