VS1 type pumps - Wet pit vertically suspended single-casing diffuser pumps with discharge through the column.



The pumps are manufactured in compliance with the latest edition of API 610 and includes a wide range of hydraulic part, number of stages, sizes, and material design. Typical fields of application include transfer of volatile fluids, transportation and unloading, boosters servicing, and pumping of feed condensate water. The pumps are used to transfer fluids at temperatures close to boiling point or in confined space conditions.


- Multivane diffusers ensure smooth flux transition from one stage to another at partial load and low radial forces on each impeller. Diffusers casts are made of composite materials.  


-Rigid shafts with short bearing span reduce shaft deflection ensuring durability of bearings and groove seals. Shaft diameters are sufficient for required torque and axial force transmission for any operating conditions. Large diameter shaft and minimum distance between bearing assemblies ensure longer service life of bearings, mechanical seals and groove seals.


Each impeller is a single-piece design. There are two types of available hydraulic parts:

  1. Radial flow direction (used at high heads);
  2. Mixed-flow type (designed for higher flow rates and lower heads; employ four-pole electric motors).

In case of critical suction conditions installation of inlet screw impeller is possible. Pump barrel length can be significantly reduced with the screw.


-Optional thrust bearing configuration with gimbal element.

Parameters Values
Flowrate 0-3000m3/h
Head up to 2000 m
Operating pressure up to 200 bar
Operating temperature -200..+350°С
Shaft seal Single mechanical, double mechanical