VS2 type pumps - Wet pit vertically suspended single-casing volute pumps with discharge through the column



-These pumps are used as the first stage of other vertical pumps at low NPSH; standard design open shaft (optional design: closed shaft with external lubrication system); intended for heavy operating conditions.


-Vertically split casing consists of two cast halves for high pressures and external nozzle loads. Pumps with radial flow direction hydraulic part design (high head type) have stage casings and separate diffusers inside. Casings are retained by tie-bolts. Mixed-flow hydraulic parts (high flow, low head type) are directly connected with bolts a form a single-piece design. Each hydraulic part represents multi-stage design with a support on each stage, suction chamber, and discharge nozzle.  


-The shaft is machined to secure safely the rotating parts on it. The shaft is fitted with supports on each stage through sleeve bearings. In addition each end of the shaft (suction chamber and outlet pipe side) has oversized bearing assembly ensuring excellent rotor-dynamic characteristics.


-Impellers for diffusers are fitted with serviceable groove seals. Groove seal rings are force-fitted and held in place by screws. Clearance between work faces of groove seal is within running tolerances in accordance with API standard.


-The following types of bearings are available: radial ball / thrust ball; radial sleeve / thrust ball; radial sleeve / thrust sleeve with floating segments.

Parameters Values
Flowrate 0-10000m3/h
Head up to 1300 m
Operating pressure up to 150 bar
Operating temperature -100..+320°С
Shaft seal Single mechanical, double mechanical