VS3 type pumps - Wet pit vertically suspended single-casing axial-flow pumps with discharge through the column



-Pumps are designed in accordance with the last edition of API610. A wide range of hydraulics, number of stages, sizes and material design is available. Typical fields of application include transfer of volatile fluids, transportation, unloading and servicing of boosters.


-Pump casing constitutes a column of various height from 1 up to 50 and above meters. Standard design of all flanges is possible. Drain, vent and holes for measuring instruments are located in that area. Pressure in seal chamber is lower than discharge pressure. For convenience seal chamber can be designed for gland packing or mechanical seal.  


-The shaft is solid and rigid. It undergoes machining on precision accuracy lathe and has sufficient fillet radius upon transition from one stage to another to reduce stress.


-Each impeller is single-piece structure secured on a shaft by a key. All impellers and spacer / interstage bushings are secured on a shaft using retaining nuts. Casts, made of composite materials with strict tolerances, are used for most of the pump sizes in order to ensure smooth flow and high efficiency. All impellers are dynamically balanced.


-Self-lubricated anti-friction bearings as per API610 requirements. The bearings are designed to withstand resulting hydraulic load and motor weight. Upon request or in accordance with API rotation speed requirements (high capacity, high rotation speed, extremely high load) sleeve bearing with floating segments can be used. The bearings have forced lubrication system with pressure control. In order to separate axial thrust bearing, as a rule, motor with rigid vertical shaft is installed.

Parameters Values
Flowrate 0-15000m3/h
Head up to 50 m
Operating pressure up to 60 bar
Operating temperature -80..+270°С
Shaft seal Single mechanical, double mechanical