VS7 type pumps - Wet pit double-casing diffuser vertically suspended pumps with volute.



-These pumps are used to transfer fluids at temperatures close to boiling point or in confined space conditions. Pumps, fitted with hydraulic part with radial flow direction, have staged casings and separate diffusers inside.


-Casings are retained by tie-bolts. Mixed-flow hydraulic parts (high flow, low head type) are directly connected with bolts a form a single-piece design (casing and diffuser). Each hydraulic part represents multi-stage design with a support on each stage, suction chamber, and discharge nozzle. Assembled bowl-shaped sections are connected to column pipe. The barrel is designed for low inlet velocities. Delivery pipe is usually used in “in-line” pump design, which means that suction and discharge nozzles are located on the same level.


-Rigid shafts with short bearing span reduce shaft deflection ensuring durability of bearings and groove seals. The shaft is fitted with supports on each stage through sleeve bearings. Intermediate bearing assemblies are lubricated with pumped medium.


-: Impellers are designed using the newest flow dynamics analysis software in order to optimize capacity and dynamic characteristics. Impellers for shaft vibrations reduction and balanced rotation are secured on a shaft using press fittings, split rings, and duplicate keys.


-The bearings are designed in a way to withstand resulting hydraulic load and motor weight. Upon request or in accordance with API rotation speed requirements (high capacity, high rotation speed, extremely high load) sleeve bearing with floating segments can be used. The bearings have forced lubrication system with pressure control. In order to separate axial thrust bearing, as a rule, motor with rigid vertical shaft is installed. Upon Customer’s request, a hollow-shaft motor can be used. Operation with various rotation speed motors can build speed within 10 seconds to ensure self-lubrication. Minimum rotation frequency is 1000rpm.

Parameters Values
Flowrate 0-3000m3/h
Head up to 500 m
Operating pressure up to 200 bar
Operating temperature -200..+350°С
Shaft seal Single mechanical, double mechanical