BB2 type pumps - Radially split single- and two-stage between-bearings pumps



- Horizontal centrifugal radially split between-bearings pump (for heavy-duty service), double-stage with radial opposite impellers. These pumps are intended for transfer of hydrocarbons, chemicals, and process products of various applications at facilities of chemical industry. The main advantage of these pumps is that they are manufactured in full compliance with API610 standard and can operate in the heaviest duties; therefore they became widely used at refineries.


- High quality casing casting with 3 mm corrosion allowance ensures compliance with API610. Dual volute design allows to reduce radial hydraulic force during operation within the range up to minimal flow rate. Therefore, radial balancing of a rotor is ensured and shaft deflection is reduced.


- Shaft diameter as well as dynamic balancing of the impeller minimize shaft deflection and increase bearings service life. Minimum axial forces. Radial forces are reduced due to diffuser. Heating and cooling of shaft seal. The shaft is not in contact with the pumped product.


- Dynamically balanced double-suction impellers. Double-suction design guarantees hydraulic balancing of axial force. A few typical sizes of pumps have more than one impeller with various capacities at BEP for maximum flexibility and operation in high efficiency regions.


Movable bearings ensure easy assembly and allow for thermal expansion of the shaft. Double-row angular contact back-to-back mounted thrust bearings.

Parameters Values
Flowrate 0-1200m3/h
Head up to 250 m
Operating pressure up to 100 bar
Operating temperature -80..+300°С
Shaft seal Packing, single mechanical seal, double mechanical seal