BB3 type pumps – multistage axially split between-bearings single casing HP pumps.



- Multistage horizontal split case single casing HP pumps with impellers arranges symmetrically. Various size and materials combinations are available, which are suitable for wide range of processes and industrial applications. These pumps are developed for continuous operation in all refining processes, petrochemical, chemical and main industry. The pumps are intended for heavy-duty operation.


- The casing has an horizontal split and consists of two cast halves; each of them is designed for high pressure and external nozzle loads allowed for this pump. Cap nuts installed on upper casing flanges allow for easy removal of upper casing for inspection and rotor current repair. Such arrangement of feet, i.e. close to pump centerline, ensures adjustment and maintenance of normal operating conditions at temperature increase.  


- Rotor is assembled on a large diameter shaft with minimum distance between bearings; resistant to deflection, especially during operation outside optimum efficiency. The shaft is fitted with guides with response to each impeller ensuring easy and accurate rotor assembly. Two-sided shaft extension for connection with auxiliary pumps or hydraulic turbines; end shaft special device for hydraulic coupling.


- Closed type impellers; liquid flow in radial direction is provided to create optimum hydraulic characteristics and efficiency. Overexpanded entry of single-suction impellers or, as an alternative, double-suction impellers are used depending on system NPSH. Each impeller is dynamically balanced and mounted on a shaft using a key and force fitted, held by extractor ring. Key joints and hydraulic force from each impeller applied in direction of extractor ring guarantee that each impeller is securely fixed on pump shaft.


- The following bearings are available: radial ball / thrust ball bearing; radial sleeve / thrust ball; radial sleeve / thrust sleeve with floating segments.

Parameters Values
Flowrate 10-2850m3/h
Head up to 2785 m
Operating pressure up to 275 bar
Operating temperature -30..+200°С
Shaft seal Single mechanical, double mechanical