BB5 type pumps – Double-casing radially split multistage between-bearings pumps.



The pump has segmental multistage design and double casing. The pump is manufactured according to API610. According to the standard the pump shall ensure continuous operation for at least 3 years without interruption for repair. The pump can operate 3 years or more without shutdown maintenance significantly reducing costs arising during downtime. The pump is intended for heavy duties. It can be installed outdoors at temperatures up to -60℃.


-These pumps have double-casing close-coupled design consisting of the first external casing and second internal casing (cartridge). The casing is designed for high pressure exceeding operating value. In case of failure pressure integrity is ensured. The casing is manufactured with centerline support to compensate expansions during operation at high temperature +400℃. In case of breakdown the pump does not require a full disassembly. The cartridge cane replaced with spare. The procedure takes 2 to 3 hours, which is much quicker than full disassembly and repair.


- Shaft deflection in seal friction surfaces points of contact influences the most on mechanical seal service life. High reliability of the pump is achieved due to strict requirements to pump shaft.


Dynamically balanced impellers. Impeller design: single-cast closed type; ensures axial force hydraulic balancing. A few typical sizes of pumps have more than one impeller with various capacities at BEP for maximum flexibility and operation in high efficiency regions.


- Movable bearings ensure easy assembly and allow for thermal expansions of the shaft. Double-row angular contact back-to-back mounted thrust bearings.

Parameters Values
Flowrate 10-980m3/h
Head up to 2700 m
Operating pressure up to 275 bar
Operating temperature -30..+400°С
Shaft seal Single mechanical, double mechanical