OH-1 pumps - horizontal overhung single-stage axially split casing pumps.



-These pumps are designed for heavy duty service. The pumps of this type are single-stage, horizontal with the suction nozzle along the shaft axis, overhung impeller and radial split casing pump. These pumps are foot-mounted and equipped with a flexible coupling


- Single or double casing enables to reduce loads on rotating elements; therefore the shaft vibration and deflection are minimized. The double-cased design is a standard design for many pumps with 3” discharge nozzle diameter and for all pumps with discharge nozzle diameter over  3”. 


-The shaft is quite solid and rigid. The shaft is machined on precision accuracy machines above its full length and has sufficient radius of internal fillet while transferring from stage to stage in order to reduce stress.


-The impeller is closed type and provides a radial flow direction. The impeller has a single suction design.


-The bearing assembly includes a single-row bearing with a deep groove for radial loads accommodation and duplex single-row bearings with angled contact installed back-to-back for radial and axial load accommodation.

Parameters Values
Flowrate 0-1800m3/h
Head up to 350 m
Operating pressure up to 80 bar
Operating temperature -160..+350°С
Shaft seal Single mechanical, tandem mechanical.