OH-3 pumps- vertical overhung single-stage in-line pumps with separate bearing brackets



- The design is adapted to work in the temperature range from cryogenic technology to pumping hot liquids. Suction and discharge nozzles are located along the central axis to ensure in-line installation. These types of pumps are designed for heavy industry and processes specified in API 610 standard


- The casing is designed with suction and discharge flanges in accordance with ANSI standard with a raised face. The motor support is mounted directly on the pump casing to allow the rotor assembly to be removed without disconnecting the motor wiring as well as the casing.


- The shaft rigidity ensures a vibration level lower than required by API 610 standard. The shaft has a rigid structure. Under the worst operating conditions the maximum shaft deflection value in the place of the mechanical seal friction pair is 0.508 mm. The shaft rigidity coefficient is the lowest in the industry.


- The impeller of these types of pumps is single suction type, closed. Selection of pump sizes - precision castings to ensure achievement of the highest efficiency values and stability of hydraulic parameters. The impellers are dynamically balanced, shaft-mounted with a key and tightened with impeller nut and washer.


Parameters Values
Flowrate 3-600m3/h
Head 4-120m
Operating pressure up to 30 bar
Operating temperature -20..+250°С
Shaft seal Single mechanical, tandem mechanical.