OH-4 pumps- vertical overhung single-stage in-line pumps.



Occupying a minimal footprint thanks to its extremely small footing, OH4 vertical pumps meet all the requirements of API 610 standard, making them an ideal choice for the chemical, petrochemical, and oil and gas industries and especially for those applications where space is the determining factor, for example for offshore oil and gas production facilities. The compact vertical pump design does not require any special foundation and allows installing this pump in small areas. The shaft of this oil pump is rigidly connected to the motor shaft.


The suction nozzle has a horizontal configuration and contains a guide blade in larger pumps to reduce the twisting of the flow at the inlet and guarantee the flow direction to the impeller inlet. The special design of the spiral wound gaskets between the casing and the case cover ensures complete adherence and absolute tightness.


The shaft deflection less than 0.03 mm in the sealing chamber is achieved by using a reliable larger diameter shaft. This provides for a longer seal life and also minimizes vibration values and ensures smooth running.


The impeller is standard, single suction, closed type, shaft-mounted with a key and protected with a reliable locking device. The impeller has a design with an overexpanded inlet to optimize NPSH and discharge ports for axial force balancing.

Thrust bearing - ball, duplex single-row bearing, mounted back-to-back with angled ball contact. The bearing assembly housing is equipped with a labyrinth-style repairable shaft-end seal and reflectors at the shaft exit from the bearing assembly housing. The bearing assembly housing is securely tightened with bolts with the pump casing which ensures rigidity and compactness of the pump design.


Parameters Values
Flowrate Up to 1365m3/h
Head Up to 335m
Operating pressure Up to 50 bar
Operating temperature -20..+370°С
Shaft seal Single mechanical, tandem mechanical.