OH-5 pumps- close-coupled vertical single-stage in-line pumps without coupling.



This series of pumps is designed for the petroleum, petrochemical and gas industries and produced in accordance with the international standard API 610. The mechanical seal chamber of the pump is designed in accordance with API 682 which makes it possible to use various types of packing for pumping aggressive, toxic, explosive, valuable, flammable or hazardous liquids both clean ones and those with suspended particles. The compact vertical design of the pump does not require any special foundation and allows installing this pump on small sites.


The casing has a double spiral for nominal sizes over 3 inches. The flow channels of the casing of the centrifugal pump consist of channels that input and drain liquid from the impeller. To ensure a steady relative movement in the impeller it is necessary to make sure that the flow upstream and downstream the impeller is axisymmetric. To create an axisymmetric flow upstream the impeller, the pump casing is cast to meet all requirements for maximum accuracy.


The shaft diameter is of sufficient size to transfer the required torque in any operating conditions. The shaft surface is machined mechanically for the reliable location of the rotating parts. The shaft extension is made as short as possible to reduce the deflection.


A highly-efficient single suction impeller with dynamic balancing, closed type, shaft-mounted with a key and protected with a reliable locking device.

The bearing assembly housing is equipped with a labyrinth-style repairable shaft-end seal and reflectors at the shaft exit from the bearing assembly housing.


Parameters Values
Flowrate 2,5-550m3/h
Head Up to 280m
Operating pressure Up to 40 bar
Operating temperature -80..+260°С
Shaft seal Mechanical API 682-compliant.