OH-6 pumps- high speed single-stage overhung pumps driven by speed increaser



These pumps are equipped with a speed increaser which is integral with the pump to increase the speed. The impeller is mounted directly on the output shaft of the speed increaser. There is no coupling between the gearbox and the pump; the speed increaser is connected to the pump’s drive mechanism with a flexible coupling. The pumps can be positioned in a vertical or horizontal direction.


The special design of the spiral wound gaskets between the casing and the case cover ensures complete adherence and absolute tightness.


To increase the wear resistance of the splined shaft the shaft’s metal undergoes multiple hardening. The shaft extension is made as short as possible to reduce the deflection.


Open and recessed impellers are available when special requirements are imposed. The impellers are equipped with external groove seals and reverse blades. The impeller is dynamically balanced in accordance with the IDP standard.

The bearing assembly housing is equipped with a labyrinth-style repairable shaft-end seal and reflectors at the shaft exit from the bearing assembly housing.


Parameters Values
Flowrate 2,5-1100m3/h
Head Up to 350m
Operating pressure Up to 60 bar
Operating temperature -80..+260°С
Shaft seal Mechanical API 682-compliant.