VS4 type pump - Wet pit vertically suspended cantilever single-casing volute line-shaft driven sump pumps



-These pumps are self-ventilated. Configuration with intermediate radial shaft bearings (VS4) or cantilever type (VS5) is available. Submergence depth is up to 6 meters. ECPJ type pumps are designed for operation in a wide range of processes in chemical and petrochemical industry. All pump sizes are adapted for motors with supply frequency 50 and 60 Hz.


-Double-helical volute is used for large pumps to optimize radial loads on supports. “In-line” casing design reduces required space in a tank for pump installation.


-Shaft diameter is of sufficient size to transfer required power at any operating conditions. The shaft is machined in a way to ensure proper alignment of rotor parts. Distance between linear bearings complies with API 610 requirements. Shaft replaceable bushing can be supplied both for mechanical seal and gland packing. Shaft bushing design complies with the latest edition of API 610 standard. Shaft bushing is secured during installation using clamping ring to ensure correct in-line arrangement of rotor.


-Depending hydraulics requirements, there are four different impeller designs available:

  1. closed multi-blade impeller with front groove seals and back vanes;
  2. closed multi-blade impeller with front and back wear rings;
  3. closed multi-blade impeller with back vanes; impeller for low flow rates with back vanes.

Impeller standard design: single-entry closed type impeller secured on the shaft using reliable locking device.


-Cartridge type axial thrust bearing ensures accessibility for repair. Bearing body is fitted with replaceable labyrinth type seals and deflector in shaft passage point through bearing body. Material for linear bearing lubrication is selected based on pumped fluid properties.

Parameters Values
Flowrate 0-360m3/h
Head up to 80 m
Operating pressure up to 16 bar
Operating temperature -40..+350°С
Shaft seal Single mechanical, double mechanical